Welcome to Pandragon

Who we Are :
PanDragon FusionWorks was founded in 2010 by siblings Rosalie Frank and John Carraher.  Roe got her B.A. in Art from Towson University and achieved success in the interior design and faux painting field.  John studied Graphic Art at Penn State and spent 20 years in the printing business specializing in typesetting and graphic design.

What we Do :
Crafting since the 1980s, both John and Roe discovered a love for working in stained glass. Roe added mosaics and painting to her specialties while John’s interests involve woodworking, including the art forms of intarsia, carving and fretwork. We combine glass, tile, wood, stone, found objects, clay, jewelry findings, seashells and dried flowers to make truly unique works of art.

Our Goal :
We are on a mission to create the coolest stuff on the planet. Forging a union of aesthetics and function, the results are one of-a-kind pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.  No two pieces are alike. Influenced by Native American, Celtic and Asian cultures, we provide inspirational & spiritual gifts from wall art to practical pieces for the home. 

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